On July 8, 2024, another registration session will be launched via the application form for submitting an application for temporary residence at the Department of Foreigners' Affairs of the Masovian Voivodeship Office in Warsaw

Remember when filling out application form indicate in it compulsorily in accordance with WSC registration regulations ID number of the completed application MOS system  and in inPOL system.

To make a reservation, you must complete the application in the MOS and inPOL systems!

If you complete the form correctly, you will receive automatic information regarding the submitted application.

Then, within 5 business days you will receive information with the date and place of the visit to the e-mail address provided in the application. Registration will be determined by the order in which applications are received.

If you receive information that the registration limit has been reached due to lack of places or incorrect data, please register for the next session.

Information about the next session will be available on our website "News" tab - in the form of a message.

The number of people registered for a given day depends on the staff and premises capacity of the office.

A registered application does not mean signing up to submit an application in person. Registration is determined by the order of applications and the correctness of the indicated data (including numbers from the MOS and inPOL systems), which will be verified.

People who come for an appointment without completed applications in the inPOL and MOS systems will not be served.

Please do not send applications registered in the MOS system to applications that have been submitted earlier. 

The registration session opens on Mondays, between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

The deadlines for submitting the application are set 5 weeks in advance.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the registration for submitting an application for permanent residence and long-term EU resident remains under the previous rules.

We encourage you to submit applications for permanent residence and long-term EU resident in person due to the currently available places for registration at the Office.

Also read the answers to frequently asked questions about the new form of registration. go to FAQ section 

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