Added: 24.04.2024

Yes. One-time codes for logging into the Inpol system are a permanent system solution and two-stage authorization will be required each time you log in to the system.

Added: 29.12.2022

In order to cancel the visit, the Office should be informed via online form. To book a new application deadline, please fill in inPOL portal new application. There is only one possibility to book a visit for each application.

Added: 29.12.2022

In the course of the procedure for issuing a residence permit, you may be asked to supplement the documents necessary to confirm the circumstances indicated in your application. You should deliver the documents within the time limit specified in the letter. If the required documents are not submitted, the decision will be issued based on the evidence collected in the case.

Submit the completed documents in person or through a proxy at the seat of the Department for Foreigners at ul. Marszałkowska 3/5 in Warsaw - Mezzanine, room A08 (stand no. 18), only by prior arrangement via the Foreigner's Portal inPOL. The "B" number is not available in ticket machines at the seat of the Department. During the appointment, only documents in a specific case, through the status of which the reservation was made, will be accepted.

ATTENTION! Please come with a complete set of documents and summons. In a given case, it is possible to make an appointment only once. The scans attached to the inPOL system also do not constitute evidence in the case and you must appear with copies of documents and show their originals.

You can send the original documents or their notarized copies by post or submit them to the Customer Service Point of the Mazowieckie Voivodship Office in Warsaw, pl. Bankowy 3/5, entrance F from Al. Solidarity. At the same time, we would like to inform you that it is not possible to supplement material deficiencies by collecting a ticket with the letter "C". A ticket with the letter "C" is intended only for formal deficiencies.

Added: 29.12.2022

You will continue to receive summons regarding cases submitted to the office in paper version during an appointment or by post. In the inPOL Foreigner Portal, you will also be able to view the summons addressed to you.

PLEASE NOTE that administrative deadlines run from the moment of receipt of the summons at the office or receipt of correspondence. The appearance of the request earlier in inPOL does not mean that the time limit for the delivery of documents begins to run.
Added: 29.12.2022

No, because the inPOL Foreigner Portal allows you to complete applications for all family members. Applications from minor children may be linked to a parent account. 

For your convenience, it remains at your disposal formwhich also allows you to arrange a date for submitting applications in person at the Office. On the scheduled date of the visit, you should appear with the applications generated via the inPOL system. Only applications generated through it will be accepted.

Added: 29.12.2022

The assign case function is intended for people who have submitted applications via the post office or the application office without using the inPOL Foreigner Portal.

You will receive the assignment code together with the first summons from the office. Your next step is to create an account on the inPOL Foreigner Portal and assign a case registered by the office using the received code.

Added: 29.12.2022

Yes, but only at the stage of filling it out. It is not possible to correct the application after it has been generated. In this case, please complete the application again. Please check your applications carefully before generating them.


Added: 29.12.2022

Yes, because the mere generation of the application and uploading of documents do not confirm their submission, so download the application using the buttondownload>, print out the completed application, sign it and bring it to the appointment along with the necessary documents.

Added: 29.12.2022

After logging in, a window presenting the functionalities of the inPOL Foreigner Portal appears. We choose an optionsubmit a new application>, then the legalization procedure and the circumstance constituting the basis for your stay in Poland. Complete all fields of the application form. If any field is not filled in or is filled in incorrectly, the system will inform you about it, indicating the wrong value. After filling out the form correctly and without errors, select an option 
<generate application>.

In the next step, add scans of documents relevant to your legalization procedure, you can add up to 15 files. Take the original documents and their copies for presentation during the visit to the office, which you will arrange immediately after generating the application, selecting the available location and date for submitting the application.

Remember that the mere generation of the application does not constitute confirmation of its submission, so download the application using the buttondownload>, print out the completed application, sign it and bring it to the appointment along with the necessary documents.
Only applications generated via the inPOL Foreigner Portal will be accepted.
Added: 29.12.2022

Any comments or errors regarding the functioning of the system can be reported by e-mail to: inpol-pomoc@mazowieckie.pl